There is a crispness in the air, the kids are back in school, the salmon are spawning and it’s time for a little dose of inspiration and action!

Read on to see how Rivers for Change Board Members and our Grant Ambassadors are inspiring stewardship and connections and get ready to take some action around the world this Sept by joining a Climate Strike, Cleanup Day, and #secondhandseptember.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the current state of affairs around the environment, getting involved with a global movement is a great way of coming together to be a part of the change and make your voice heard.

Opt outside, find some water, go for a hike, start paddling, and connect with each other. We’re all in this together!

Board Member Spotlight

Rivers For Change Co-Founder and Board Member John Dye has been working with the city of Berkeley, CA to help improve water quality at Aquatic Park, a popular recreational area in the city.  In late August John observed a drop in water visibility along with a strange odor and had city officials come view and eventually test the water, confirming that e-coli levels were extremely high.  The park holds a training facility for the Berkeley Paddling & Rowing Club and is a popular spot for daily workout paddles. Read more here.


Ambassador Highlights

Source to Sea Grant Recipient Claire Dibble is well into her Columbia River Source to Sea Journey in her homemade kayak and is currently around the Tri-Cities area of Washington State. She has been posting some incredible images of the river and the communities along it on her Instagram  – follow along @dibbledibble
or on Facebook @clairedibbleart

Meanwhile, LouAnne Harris, also a Source to Sea Grant Recipient, is descending the Mississippi River from source to sea and could be the first woman to standup paddle the entire length of the river. She’s currently in the Clinton, Iowa area. Read more about her journey here and follow her on Instragram @ctrlfitnyc
or on Facebook @louanne.harris


RFC & River Events

We had such a great Lamprey River Source to Sea School this year that we’ve decided to offer the program again in 2020. The 5-day program for 11-14 year olds takes place on the Lamprey River in NH and is July 6th-10th.  Students will be eligible for scholarships from the Judy Jensen Memorial Fund and updates will be happening in the coming months. “Best Camp Ever!”

IMG_4758 (2)

Sept 21st, 2019 is International River and Coastal Cleanup Day.There are opportunities happening around the world that day, many in your local watershed or with your local river non-profit so be sure to find a cleanup near you!

We’ll be planning an onwater clean-up in the coming months along the Richmond Shoreline with The Watershed Project who also has some land cleanups happening on Sept 21st.

There’s also a Plastic Patrol Cleanup in Carlsbad, CA on Sept 21st

If you can’t make it out September 21st, there is plenty more ACTION to get involved with this September!

Sept 20th-27th: Find a Climate Strike near you, or stage a walk-in

Follow or pledge #secondhandseptember which aims to reduce consumerism, by pledging to say no to buying new in Sept.

Check in with your #waterfootprint! Easy, fun, and informative-when was the last time you understood the water footprint of the products in your life? Check it out.


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Get Involved with RFC

We’re expanding our Board of Directors! Are you passionate about the environment? Do you want to help make a difference? Do you have a few hours a month to join a great group of people? Drop us a line for an informal chat. Read more about the position.

Do you love social media? Are you on Facebook and Instagram? While we always prefer connections to rivers, we’d love to help spread more information about rivers, events and positive actions people can get involved with. Interested in helping curate and expand our platforms? Drop us a line.

Upcoming: We’re starting preparations for our Source to Sea School for 2020. (Read about our 2019 School here). You can support scholarships for this program by donating to the Judy Jensen Memorial Fund and help connect and inspire the next generation of river stewards.

Ambassadors: There’s nothing like paddling a river from source to sea to fully understand and appreciate the connection and interdependence of those drops of water on the communities throughout the watershed. Interested in becoming an RFC Ambassador? Read more about our Ambassadors and our current
Source to Sea Grant Ambassadors.