RFC strongly believes in partnerships & collaborations to reach common goals.  Partnering with Adventure Scientists, the non-profit connecting adventure athletes with scientists who need them to collect data, our team of paddlers gathered scientific data throughout their 12 Rivers journey.

collecting data on river healthRunning 12 rivers throughout California created a rare opportunity to collect a vast array of data points from places not always accessed. From river temperatures, to PH and water quality, to riparian habitat evaluation, log structures, landslides, and invasive species, as well as measuring potential fish impediments, Rivers for Change harnessed citizen science to empower habitat conservationists, ecological researchers, and local governments and communities alike to use data compiled by RFC and analyzed by key scientists to implement more effective riparian restoration plans and make informed decisions about water conservation.

Galen taking notes on river healthAbout Adventure Scientists
Adventure Scientists was founded in January of 2011 with the knowledge that people traveling in the outdoors genuinely want to do more for the places they visit but often struggle with how to make this happen. A great void exists currently in our scientific understanding of these areas. AS exists to address these issues by pairing adventure athletes already traveling to some of the earth’s most difficult-to-reach places with scientists who need information from these areas. While saving the conservation community millions of dollars, they provide the world with an opportunity to learn about the planet on an unprecedented scale.

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