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In gratitude for being a part of our community!

Thank you so much for being a part of Rivers for Change. We want to acknowledge you and all you have done to support us over the last decade!


We have an incredible opportunity from a generous donor to match up to $5000 this giving season!

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Will you help us create a more robust organization so that we can reach and impact more people and rivers? 

We are currently working on programming to:

  • Expand our education program for youth

  • Scale our Ambassador and Grantee program

  • Execute an exciting 2024 Source to Sea campaign (details coming soon 🙂

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    Already Donated? We deeply appreciate it! 

    If you haven’t seen the 10th Anniversary Report we launched last week of what a scrappy group of passionate river lovers can do in a decade in their spare time, give it a read.

    For our rivers and the generations that depend on them
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Know your Land and Water

There are a few ways we can acknowledge and give thanks this season through learning and sharing about our land and water!

If you’re in need of some family activities to facilitate learning whose land you’re on and where your water comes from, we recommend checking out these interactive maps!


Learn whose land you’re on!
Native Land Map

Follow the drops of water!
River Runner

#OptOutside on Friday!

The Friday after Thanksgiving is a notorious day dare we say.

Take part in our favorite counterculture holiday and #optoutside with family, friends, and your beloved animals!


Feel free to tag us on IG and FB @riversforchange with your favorite photo from all your time gallivanting in nature.

Grantee Spotlight

Still River, Silent Jungle
We love looking back at all our grantees have accomplished over the years. 

Our first grantee Hayley Stuart descended the remote Tuichi River located in the Bolivian Amazon in 2018 with a team of international whitewater kayakers, National Park guards, indigenous leaders and environmental activists to share their stories and reasons for protecting the river. The result is the powerful short film “Still River, Silent Jungle.” Hayley continues her important work there and is currently producing and directing an in depth 90min documentary about the people and issues facing this region. Go Hayley!

Let’s Celebrate some Positive News! 

There has been a cascade of wonderful news stories this week (hard to believe, right?)

Klamath River Dam Removal continues to gain traction
Eel Dam Removal moves ahead
Record numbers of salmon are spawning on the Mokelumne

The Klamath is close to our hearts and not just because we did a source to sea on it in 2012. It is undergoing the largest Dam Removal project in history with the aim of restoring salmon to the entire connected river ecosystem. Check out the SF Gate Article here.

The Eel River is connected to the Russian River (which we also did a source to sea on in 2012) through the Potter Valley Project. PG&E has released their initial draft decommissioning plan for the Potter Valley Project! The plan calls for removal of both Scott and Cape Horn Dams! See how you can take action below!


The Mokelumne River was recently spotlighted by 2023 grantee Nina Gordon-Kirsch on her Home to Headwaters campaign and is the spotlighted river for her education program for East Bay Youth to help them understand where their water comes from.

EBMUD released a press release last week that over 20,000 salmon (and counting) have returned to spawn. The most successful return in over 80 years!

Take Action


Send your comments to PG&E before December 22, 2023 on their initial draft decommissioning plan for the Potter Valley Project.

If you’ve been missing out….

Wishing you all a wonderful long weekend of opting outside!

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