Rivers for Change paddled the Tuolumne River in June with TRT’s annual Paddle to the Sea. While the trip was a success and many people were able to experience this beautiful river, we were challenged by low water. There is a proposed Water Transfer which would impact the health of this river even more.


, Opposing the Tuolumne Water Transfer, Rivers For Change

The 2012 Paddle to the Sea hits low water

From our Friends at the Tuolumne River Trust about the proposed Water Transfer from the Modesto Irrigation District to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). The transfer would threaten the Tuolumne River and be a terrible investment for Bay Area ratepayers.  As a result of water conservation over the past few years, the Bay Area no longer needs the water, but water agencies (and thus their customers) would have to pay for it every year whether it gets used or not.

You can take ACTION!

Please send an email to the SFPUC encouraging them to terminate negotiations for the water transfer.  You can do so easily by visiting http://www.tuolumne.org/content/staticpages/index.php/terminate_negotiations_message

Learn more about this important issue by visiting  http://www.tuolumne.org/content/article.php/20120820135626172   and sharing this issue with friends.