Source to sea apparel artworkHere at Rivers for Change we shamelessly use adventure as a tool for making the world a better place. When the team at Illumine called us and said they had a plan to use a t-shirt to do the same thing we were of course all in.

How can a t-shirt make the world a better place?  First by inspiring adventure through its design. Then by donating 20% of the proceeds of its sale to a portfolio of like-minded charities determined to leave this place cleaner than we found it.  At least that’s the brainchild of Illumine founder Jeremy Lux. Build a scalable front end that leverages original locally created artwork that packs a message. A message that makes the outdoors more accessible, sustainable, and welcoming.

To be specific it’s actually a t-shirt, a hoodie, and a tank top. Your purchase of any item sends 20% of the proceeds directly to Rivers for Change. You can help us out, and look good doing it. The design of the gear is built upon our mission of linking Source to Sea by showing people what’s possible through community connection and involvement. And make sure to check out Illumine’s other charities in their Community Collection Section.

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Thank you for your support and Thanks Illumine!

Rivers For Change partners with illumineIllumine and Rivers for change partnership