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Don’t Let Them Drown The McCloud And Upper Sacramento Rivers!

TAKE ACTION NOW: Clicking Here to send and email to the Bureau of Reclamation telling them you DON’T want Shasta Dam to be raised.


The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation wants to hear what you think about their proposed plan to raise the Shasta Dam and expand the reservoir. The raising of the dam would flood parts of the McCloud and upper Sacramento Rivers. You’ve got until Monday, January 28th to comment on the proposal.

The Rivers for Change Source to Sea Team will be traveling the entire length of the Sacramento River in May of 2013. They will be stopping along the way to engage communities in river related events like paddle days, BBQs and Art at the River. It will be a great time, but first you have to do your part to help us keep the rivers flowing!

The Bureau is examining up to an 18.5 foot raise of Shasta Dam that would periodically flood nearly 1.5 miles of the McCloud and upper Sacramento Rivers. Both streams were identified by the Forest Service as potential National Wild & Scenic Rivers and the McCloud is protected under state law from dams and reservoirs. At stake are the rivers’ nationally famous wild trout fisheries, as well as outstanding scenic, geological, and Native American cultural values (particularly for the McCloud).

In addition, the project will drown thousands of acres of National Forest land managed for recreation and wildlife, and permanently destroy habitat for dozens of protected wildlife and plants. The project will change flows downstream in the lower Sacramento River, which could decrease the health of the river corridor and wildlife. Endangered fish in the Sacramento- San Joaquin Delta will have less chance of survival and may be pushed to extinction as a higher dam holds back the water they need to survive.

If you are interested in more details, Click Here to be transferred to Friends of the River website.

Your email is needed TODAY to convince the Bureau that this project should be stopped!
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