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This Spring and Summer we’ll be in the granite state of New Hampshire running Source To Sea programs on the Lamprey River. The Lamprey River stretches about 50 miles from its source to the point it reaches saltwater in Newmarket, NH. From there it takes another 17 miles to fully reach the sea, traversing Great Bay, a wonderfully diverse saltwater estuary, while mixing with six other rivers. The Lamprey is a federally dedicated Wild & Scenic River, is well managed and is a perfect example of a ‘backyard’ river.

In May our team of paddlers will run the river from Source To Sea, working with local non-profits to do research, scout and document our journey. We’re very proud to be working with Seven Rivers Paddling, our local paddling partner for this project.

In July, we’ll return to the Lamprey River with a group of Student Ambassadors consisting of a dozen 11-14 year olds from the various school districts in the watershed. For five days we’ll descend the river with the students, exploring what the river has to offer and connecting with the community along the way. We’ll first teach them safe and proper paddling technique and practices so we can all confidently handle the mild whitewater and various river conditions we’ll encounter.

Our paddlers and outdoor educators will explore a range of topics with the students using science-based and experiential learning. From flora & fauna to fish & wildlife to public access and the human component, we’ll be providing an unforgettable and educational experience for the students. We know that by providing river experiences like this, those kids will appreciate and advocate for rivers and the outdoors for a lifetime.

During the week we’ll host events with the public, inviting them to join us on the water for a river cleanup and a public paddle day and to help create a better connection to their river.

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