, Lamprey River Source to Sea paddle next week!, Rivers For Change
Peter Sawtell paddling his home waters in Newmarket, NH.

Next Tuesday May 14th, Peter Sawtell of Seven Rivers Paddling and Matt Palmariello of Rivers for Change will attempt a Source to Sea paddle on the Lamprey River in New Hampshire. This is part one of our upcoming Lamprey River Source to Sea program which also includes a 5-day STS camp for youth, a community paddle and a river cleanup.

Peter and Matt will begin at the Lamprey’s source in Northwood, New Hampshire and will likely need to portage at least the first two miles of river to eliminate impact on the meadow at the source. Once they find navigable water, they’ll paddle the remaining 60+ miles to the sea, crossing through ten communities along the way.

, Lamprey River Source to Sea paddle next week!, Rivers For Change
Matt Palmariello paddling his home waters in Rome, Maine.

The Lamprey River is a federally designated Wild & Scenic River that meanders through forest and fields on the way to Great Bay, a massive salt water estuary that is fed by multiple rivers before reaching the sea via the Piscataqua River, which has one of the fastest tidal currents in the United States. Since the late 1970’s, community organizations have rallied to protect the river and ensure its health moving forward. Rivers for Change is grateful to two of those organizations who’ve graciously partnered with us to make this program happen. Thank you to the Lamprey River Advisory Committee and the Lamprey River Watershed Association!

During their journey down the river, they’ll paddle numerous sections of exciting whitewater, portage multiple dams and paddle past many historic sites. On the 3-4 day paddle they intend to photograph the river, connect with its history, share their experience via social media and fully scout the river in order to safely plan the 5-day student portion of this program.

Tax deductible donations to the Lamprey River Source to Sea Student Program can be made at our fundraising page.

Follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram @riversforchange.

Learn more about the entire program on the Lamprey River STS Page.