We’re excited. We added 25 and 50 mile options this year to the California 100! We listened to y’all, because you wanted to race, but not necessarily for 100 miles. We got it, and changed some things this year. The California 100 will always be a pinnacle race for the most intrepid paddlers, but the more people who get to experience the magic of the Sacramento River, the better. Also, each racer entry helps Rivers for Change. We connect people to rivers. Thus, we want more of you racing, and now there is an option for any and everybody!

The California 100 is 99.9% volunteer run. Rivers for Change counts on the funds you raise to put this race on, and to develop our programming to connect people to rivers.

Don’t be intimidated by the fundraising minimum, and don’t hate it! First, $200 is not a big amount. Remember that others are in awe of what you are about to do. Put that awe to use to support Rivers for Change. Also- pardon the suggestion- but if you have  hatred of asking for help or donations, why not take the opportunity to change that around and find new capacity in yourself! Just sayin’!

Here are some tips:

WRITE A LETTER: When you come from the heart about what you are about to do, people listen, and frankly, they tend open their wallets. People LOVE to help! Look at our race! It is 99.9% volunteer run, not because they hate doing it. Write a little bit about the reasons beyond the aspect of the epic race ahead. Write about why you love to paddle. Why not put a note about wanting to support an organization, Rivers for Change, whose sole purpose is to connect people to rivers towards inspiring stewards of us all.

ASK EVERYONE: Seriously, ask every single person you know. You’re not used to this, but once you get over the first hurdle it becomes easier. If you were to make a list of every person you know, you would go crazy and not be able to complete the list. There are so many folks you have not thought yet about asking for a donation, but why not? Every bit of change helps Rivers for Change. We use 100% of our proceeds to fund the race and the outreach program we are developing to educate and connect people to rivers.

OTHER IDEAS: Change your outgoing voicemail message~ Put a note on your Facebook page, or Tweet it!~ Change your email’s signature to include the link to your fundraising page~ Throw a fundraising party on a donation entry~ Announce to your training group~ Ask your workplace about corporate giving for charitable causes, featuring you as the epic athlete in a newsletter (for example)!~ If your birthday is coming up, ask for donations in lieu of gifts~ Create a fundraising challenge at work, with a prize donated by the workplace~ Place a Rivers for “Change” Jar on the counter at work/home/church/men’s group/gym~ Put out a curse jar to collect those damn dollars~ Offer a kayak/surfski/SUP lesson in exchange~ Garage Sale clean-out is good for you in so many ways~ Ask all the professionals you pay well: Doctor, Chiropractor, Dentist, Attorney, Investment Banker, Insurance Agent~ Have a theme party dinner. Entry $20~ Church bulletin~ Your kids’ parents (Ha! But really!)