Rivers for Change is not a competitive paddle sport organization.

That said we have a track record of getting involved in and supporting competition on the water where we can incorporate a conservation message.  For us, helping people hone their water skills through competition is a way to raise awareness and help people enjoy their water resources safely and responsibly while appreciating the value of protecting those valuable water resources.

The 2018 Maui Jim Gorge Downwind Champs saw 750 paddlers doing exactly that on the wonderful Columbia River Gorge.  It was a week-long aquatic festival filled with wind, waves and warm water.  Hundreds of paddlers, friends and families enjoyed a fantastic experience they would not otherwise have access to.   Huge, huge thanks to the hard work of event organizer Carter Johnson and his continued philanthropy and support of Rivers For Change.  Huge, huge thanks to all the sponsors and a much longer list of super valuable volunteers that made the event possible.

We hope to see you at the Gorge in 2019!  If you want to join us, consider attending as a volunteer!