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In addition to your generous tax-deductible donation, there are many additional ways to get involved and help support Rivers for Change.

Join the Rivers for Change Community!

Do you love rivers as much as we do? Check out opportunities to volunteer, join our board, partner, and more! We’re always looking to expand our community!

Work with Us!

Set Up a FUN-draiser

Be a part of something meaningful: Got a Birthday coming up? Competing in a race? Have an epic adventure? Add a larger purpose to your event or endeavor by creating a fundraiser for Rivers for Change.

Set up a profile and raise money through our Move with Purpose: Adventure Fundraising on GiveButter

Or set up a Fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram: great for birthdays in lieu of presents. Let your community support the things you love!

Gather support from your family and friends for your hard-earned training, racing and adventure miles. Select Rivers for Change as your beneficiary on your favorite crowdfunding platforms like Paypal, Go Fund Me, and GiveButter

Connect to Your River

#10: Go paddling and have fun

#9 Join an event and connect to your community

#8 Find a swimming hole and cool off

#7 Read a book about a river trip

#6 Check a map to understand your watershed

#5 Undertake a source to sea adventure

#4 Help Cleanup your waterway

#3 Teach the kids to be stewards

#2 Become Source to Sea Literate-find out which river you shower in and your water footprint.

#1 Share your story and Get Involved with RFC!

Learn About Your Watershed

Knowing where your water comes from and where it goes is an important step to getting involved with protecting and revitalizing your local watershed. In many cases, you’ll find out that your water is not very local at all! Part of the goal of Rivers for Change is to understand the interconnectedness of our waterways and our interdependence on one another for its sustainability. What’s upstream of your water source, and what’s downstream?

California has one of the most extensive water projects. In fact, we use 20%of our total energy just to transport and treat water.

Calculate your Footprint:

50 Ways to Save a River

There ARE things you can do every day to make a difference. It may not sound like much but simple things like turning off the faucet when you brush your teeth and running full loads in the dishwasher or laundry add up. What can you do?

eBay sales

A portion of Sales from eBay can benefit Rivers for Change. Just select us as your charity and they’ll do the rest!