Yukon River Quest

Epic!  Read all about it at yukonriverquest.com

Columbia River Source to Sea

July - October  Claire Dibble, 2019 Source to Sea Grant Recipient, paddled the Columbia River from Source to Sea

Mississippi River Source to Sea

Beginning in August, LoaAnne Harris paddled the entire length of the Mississippi River and was a 2019 Source to Sea Grant Recipient.

International River & Coastal Cleanup Day

Rivers For Change will be on the water with The Watershed Project for our 8th annual event. If you can’t join us, there are opportunities happening around the world that day,...

Source to Sea Stories Episode 1

Source to Sea Stories: Adventure Episode Moderated by National Geographic Explorer and CNN Climate Analyst John Sutter Panelists: Hayley Stuart, LouAnne Harris, and Claire Dibble

Source to Sea Stories Episode 2

Source to Sea Stories: Ultra-Distance Racing — Women Speak and The Yukon and Beyond Listens Moderated by Amy Byers. Panelists: Emily Matthews, Brooke Ramsay & Heidi Virtanen of Huptown Girls

Source to Sea Stories Episode 3

Source to Sea Stories: Science & Conservation — Saving Salmon Country, The Story of Dam Removal on the Klamath River