Become an Ambassador! Do you love rivers? Do you want to increase source to sea literacy? We’d love for you to get involved.

Being an Ambassador: Most of us who volunteer for RFC are paddlers who love being on the water. This is surely the easiest, fastest way to engage anyone — have fun, go outdoors, get exercise, and see beautiful things. And once you’ve gotten the bug, you want to learn more and share it with others. An RFC ambassador encompasses these things. They love being on the water and like a little adventure. They learn about the water, both how to paddle it but also its wider importance. They get curious about a certain river or place and want to explore more. And they want to bring others along with them, whether through teaching or guiding or simply sharing their story to inspire others to get out there.

Our ambassadors are advocates for water and our environment, share source to sea literacy principles, and help connect us to the true value of our rivers and natural places.

Paddle for a Purpose! Become a fundraising ambassador:  Do you have an adventure coming up? Are you partaking in a race? Want to do more than just paddle? Link your paddling/running/hiking/swimming/climbing venture to Rivers for Change. Find us on GroupRev or Facebook and raise money per mile for a great cause.

Grant Ambassador: We have micro-grants available every year. Apply here or pass along the opportunity to someone you know.

Community Ambassador: Would you like to help organize a community event? If you’re excited about connecting with your community for an educational paddle, cleanup, or represent Rivers for Change at a local event, let us know! You can also work with us as a volunteer, board member, or partner/sponsor.

Athlete Ambassador: Are you a water or paddling athlete who would like to support source to sea literacy? We’d love to hear about your upcoming endeavor.

Contact Us if you’d like to explore the ambassador role for you!

View Past Ambassadors here.

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