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Calling all river enthusiasts:

Become a Rivers for Change Ambassador

The Rivers for Change Ambassador Program is designed to advance our mission of connecting people to rivers through Source to Sea adventures, conservation, and education.

, Become an Ambassador, Rivers For Change
, Become an Ambassador, Rivers For Change
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Let's connect and learn more about each other. Share with us why you're interested in becoming a watershed advocate with Rivers for Change!

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RFC Ambassadors

Most of us who volunteer for RFC are paddlers who love being on the water. It’s the simplest and quickest way to engage anyone—have fun, be outdoors, exercise, and engage with the magic of an ecosystem. Once you catch the bug, you naturally want to delve deeper, learn more, and share your experiences with others. An RFC ambassador embodies these qualities. They cherish being on the water or in nature, and embrace adventure.

Ambassadors educate themselves about water, not just how to navigate it but also its broader significance in the interconnectedness of all things. Ambassadors often become intrigued by a specific river or location and are driven to explore it further, aspiring to bring others along on their journey. Whether through teaching, guiding, or simply sharing their story to engage communities we work together to protect and restore our precious waterways.

Our ambassadors are advocates for water and the environment, promote source-to-sea literacy principles, and play a vital role in connecting us to the true value of our rivers and natural spaces.

Meet our Current Ambassadors


What is the Ambassador Program?

The RFC Ambassador Program is a platform that identifies and empowers passionate individuals, known as River Ambassadors, to serve as advocates for their local watersheds. We aim to foster collaboration and mentorship opportunities among Ambassadors and with their communities, creating a supportive community dedicated to protecting our precious waterways.

Who can be an Ambassador?

We invite ALL individuals who want to do more with their watershed and represent RFC’s mission and vision of  connecting people to rivers through Source To Sea adventures, conservation, and education.

We’re looking for passionate people – river enthusiasts, creatives, leaders, change makers, athletes, innovators, educators, and anyone who finds purpose in advocating for these spaces.

Why should I join the Ambassador Program?

If you’re passionate about rivers or have a watershed close to your heart, and you’re eager to deepen your connection, advocate on its behalf, or engage more people to become stewards of this special place, then our aim is to support folks like you!

Our vision for this program is to encourage our Ambassadors to pursue their dreams, achieve their goals, and realize their visions of connecting with their watersheds, while also inspiring and enabling their communities to do the same.

Through this program, we hope to offer comprehensive training, resources, and mentorship to equip Ambassadors with the necessary tools to organize educational events, workshops, and community initiatives aimed at promoting river conservation and stewardship.

How do Ambassadors become engaged?

Ambassadors can engage in a variety of ways, and we’re especially excited to support your source-to-sea and advocacy endeavors. Here are some ways we hope to involve our Ambassadors:

  • Advocacy / Calls To Action
  • Source to Sea Expeditions
  • Communications + Creative Outlets
  • Grassroot Outreach
  • Adventure Fundraising
  • Create Your Own Project

Contact Us

, Become an Ambassador, Rivers For Change

Kami Bakken

Director of Ambassador and Grant Programs

If you have any questions or ideas regarding collaboration for our Ambassador program, please don't hesitate to reach out to Kami at