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Galen Licht

Galen Licht

Galen Licht has been kayaking since he was three years old. His love for kayaking has taken him to rivers all over the US, Chile and Canada. He won the 2010 Santa Cruz Surf Kayak Contest and has been in the top three in World Championships in Spain, Costa Rica and Ireland.  Galen graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Environmental Studies where he also founded the UCSC Kayak Club. After completing his studies he continued to work in the outdoor education and leadership industry with the UCSC Wilderness Orientation Program and  NOLS. He currently runs Sea Trek, the area’s leading Kayak and SUP Center based out of Sausalito, CA. He has been an Ambassador for Rivers for Change since its inception when he led the Headwater’s Team through the Class IV and V+ sections of the watershed for the 12 Rivers in 2012 campaign.

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Cyril Derreumaux:

French-American world traveler and avid adventurer, Cyril Derreumaux has lived in France, Spain, England, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, the US, and speaks 5 languages fluently. Adventure seeker since childhood, Cyril backpacked around the world for a full year at the age of 25. As an ultra-endurance athlete, Cyril has a long list of expeditions under his belt, including the Catalina Crossing Challenge (x4), the California 100, the Moloka’i Hoe (x4), the Yukon River Quest (x3), the Great Pacific Race.

He mostly paddles surfski, outrigger canoes, and sea kayaks. In his last adventure in the summer of 2016, he successfully rowed across the Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii, in an expedition of just under 40 days, earning him and his teammates a Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing. He is currently undertaking a Solo Kayak to Hawaii expedition across the Mid-pacific, with the intention to reach Hawaii in approx. 70 days. Cyril is a natural extrovert and loves to interact and learn from people. As a passionate paddler, he loves to share his knowledge and experience with fellow water lovers of all levels.



Water: Roar, Ggrr, Roar! Source to Sea Literacy: Roar, Roar, Stomp, Stomp, Roar! Healthy Salmon Habitat Reconstruction: Double Roar! Water Access Issues: Stomp, Roar, Stomp, Stomp! Wild Riparian Habitat Restoration: Roar, Breath Fire, Roar! Source Point Single-Use Plastics Elimination: Mega Roar-Stomp-Fire-Breathing.

Supzilla is proud to be an RFC athlete ambassador. When not rigorously training or racing she is teaching others about source to sea literacy and inspiring environmental action with a ROAR!

rubber ducky on the river

Izzie the Duck

Izzie the duck loves going on adventures and educating everyone she meets about rivers and the environment. She has paddled around the world; in French canals, and UK rivers, across the US in California, Oregon, Alaska, Maine, and New Hampshire, in the Grand Canyon, and down the length of the Mississippi River.  She is particularly passionate about inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards and adventurers.